Well-maintained green spaces with appealing landscaping and freshly mowed lawns are a strong indication of how well a property is maintained. Yet, many property management contractors consider residential-type properties to be too demanding and time-consuming – they require more effort than large retail or industrial commercial properties because these are also places that people call “home.” Badgerland Property Service specializes in meeting all of the maintenance needs of homeowners and apartment and condominium property managers, especially when it comes to landscaping and lawn care.

Why hire one company to handle your landscaping needs during the warm months and a separate company to do your snow removal and winter services during the cold months? It is far easier – and more cost-effective - to trust one company to handle all your exterior needs year-round because they know your property. For example:

We will have worked around your sidewalks many times while doing your landscaping and lawn care work, so we know exactly what size plow is needed to remove snow to avoid damaging your lawn or flower beds. We mark potential trouble spots so even when we have a heavy snowfall that masks what’s beneath the snow, we take extra care. We will then use the proper equipment to clear these areas.

Seeing your property after a rainfall, we learn where water may puddle and stand. These areas are most likely to freeze and ice over, so we know where you will need extra ice control.

While we are working on a condominium or apartment complex property performing landscaping and lawn maintenance we see how people move around the grounds; often, unexpected areas get a lot of foot traffic that a property manager might not be aware of otherwise. These areas pose extra concern when there is snow on the ground, so we will give these areas the proper attention.

You will have already established a relationship with a company you trust, so you don’t have to constantly call us to get things done. We will just do it. You have lots of other things to do on your plate; landscaping and snow removal should be the least of your worries. When you hire Badgerland Property Service, we learn your expectations and help you stay on top of what is happening on your property.

We make things simple for you by handling your landscaping and lawn care to-do list, letting you concentrate on running your business. Hiring Badgerland Property Service saves you time and money by:


  • Residential driveways, commercial parking lots
  • Homeowners avoid back-breaking work
  • Tenants can get out
  • Employees can get in


  • Some surfaces don’t lend themselves to mechanized snow removal – for example, brick paver walkways or porches and entryways. We know your property and plan accordingly, eliminating the potential for damage and subsequent repair to both your property and our equipment.
  • Roof snow removal


  • Parking spaces are critical to commercial properties
  • Moving snow increases safety, providing clear lines of site by reducing or eliminating obstructions
  • Should stacked snow become an issue, we have the necessary equipment to relocate snow

Sidewalk Service

  • Available with or without plowing service

Ice Control

  • Removing snow is the first step; making walkways and parking areas safe for walking is a must to help prevent injury

Post Snow

  • We survey your property for one or multiple days after a snow event to ensure there is no danger from freeze-thaw runoff

These are just a few of the reasons Badgerland Property Service should be your one-stop winter services specialist. At Badgerland Property Service, we pride ourselves with providing quality, affordable and dependable services to all of our homeowner and apartment and condominium property management customers in Madison and the surrounding areas.