Painting existing interiors requires a professional approach. Surfaces to be painted are prepared to make sure they are ready to take the finishes we apply, and surfaces not being painted are protected. This can include:

  • Repairing dings, cracks, nail holes/nail "pops"
  • Protecting floors
  • Masking trim work
  • Covering furniture and fixtures to protect from paint and dust
  • Preventing damage and disruption to ingresses and egresses during set up and break down
  • Leaving all work areas broom-clean

Painting an exterior surface requires even more attention to the details to make sure your structures are protected from the elements. Just as we do with interior painting, surface preparation is critical to maximize adhesion of whatever finish you choose. At minimum, we:

  • Clean all surfaces to be painted of dirt and mildew using environmentally-safe cleaning agents
  • Remove all loose or peeling paint and sanding surfaces smooth
  • Repair minor weather-damage to surfaces
  • Seal gaps to prevent invasion of moisture
  • Protect surfaces that are not being repainted
  • Protect HVAC, television, and other equipment
  • Collect and properly dispose of all paint chips
  • Follow safety protocols and standards to protect the environment

Badgerland Property Service is the Madison area’s condominium and apartment complex specialists for interior and exterior painting. But what sets us apart is our customer service. We know how important it is for you to keep your property maintained and producing revenue, so we make things simple for you to complete your painting to-do list and let you get back to business.

We take all the necessary steps and precautions to make sure the surfaces you want painted look great, and the surfaces that you do not want painted are protected. Our approach to interior and exterior painting gets your work done with minimal disruption to your business.

Property management is hard enough – you do not need to be a juggler, too. There are a number of good painting contractors in the Madison area, but they are focused solely on painting – it is all they do. That means you have to juggle multiple contractors for all the other maintenance services you need. Let Badgerland Property Service Management Service make things simple for you!

For all your property maintenance needs, Badgerland Property Service is proud to be your one-stop solution for your condominium/apartment complex! Call Badgerland Property Service and let us do what we do best so you are free to do what you do what you do best! Contact us for a free estimate. Give us a call at 608.556.3736 or head to our contact page.

Regardless of whether you need interior or exterior painting, RMP does the job right the first time. We take great pride in our work, and your satisfaction is our goal.

Commercial and residential properties have one very important thing in common – they are both places that people call “home.” Wherever you call “home”, we treat it with the respect you deserve. We are comfortable working around residential properties, flexing to meet your needs.